Shopper Discounts and Rewards and

SHOPPERDISC.CO.UK -£10  we were checking through the bank statements and my husband asked what is that?  I said “a cashpoint”.  He said “let me check”.  A google search later and it turns out to be the monthly membership fee for vouchers and things.

The company tell me that I have signed up to this and given them my bank details possibly following purchasing a ticket from  Having checked through my bank statements the payments started on 23 January 2011 so they collected £430 from me through taking £10 a month.I have complained to shopperdisc who have to date refunded part only of the money.

Both they and insist that I gave shopperdisc my bank details to participate in a 30 day free trial followed by this becoming a paid for membership.  In the words of  …….We see the Complete Savings programme as complementing our site by giving people the opportunity to take further savings on as well as other retailers. Once a customer has completed their transaction on they are offered the opportunity to visit the Complete Savings website. We clearly state that their booking with us is complete. If they wish to proceed, they are taken through to the Complete Savings site for registration where the scheme’s terms and conditions are clearly stated. We do not pass on any customer information to the Complete Savings programme. Customers must agree to the terms and conditions of the programme and enter their personal information including payment details themselves…...However, I know that I have never ever ever intentionally joined a membership scheme for free vouchers or rewards.

I only give my bank details on line for the purpose of discrete purchases.  In my online life  there have been four occasions only when I have purchased memberships online and these were for specific purposes (not vouchers and rewards) and I knew I had purchased them.  I do recall being offered vouchers through and trying to access a £15 voucher off my next purchase.  As I expected it was a complete waste of time and I never bothered again.  I didn’t and would not put in my bank details to try to access the voucher.  The only way I can envisage it happening is by the form being prepopulated by the information I had already entered with trainline or that I thought the trainline page had crashed and that I was putting my bank details in the web page again for them.  Has any one else had similar experiences? Or can throw any light on this?


Trees of Cammo Estate

Cammo estate has some of the oldest trees in Edinburgh or so they say.  Tonight I remembered my camera and here are some photos.

The willow walk.  Long ago willow trees were trained either side of the path like wheel arches.


and a close up view



Has anyone seen ivy this thick.  It has to be an ivy tree in its own right coiled around the ash tree.


Then this is the tree which was a mammoth in a previous life.


and the tree which would never say die


Then there was the tree which said have a seat on me.


The trunk with a view


The twister


and the bookend


flowers to go


goodbye cammo


I know you have moved on from trees Abby but do let me know if any of these inspire you to paint a Cammo tree. 🙂


Websites I go back to time and again

20131221_091943 I am going to use this as my quick reference page for all those web pages out there that I need to go back to regularly for arty things. Its my website address book! Okay normal people use bookmarks but they never create properly on my tablet. I will add to this as time goes on and if there is something out there you think is worth adding just let me know…

Classified pages for artists


 Light, Space & Time exhibitions

Marketing guru and motivator (who also introduced me to Fine Art America)

Abigail pages

Official Blog

Facebook page



Fine art America

or google Abigail Mohon paintings.  Why not upload your own Abigail Mohon painting to the web. 


Sam’s story

Yesterday the servant locked me in the shed over night. She has done that before because I get a migraine when I go to the cattery. It was a glorious night so I did some trapeze artistry through the vines and got out the top window. Clever but there are only vines on the inside and the servant had closed the cat flap tight so there I was out in the big world with no way back. No yummy Felix supper. It was exciting. I couldn’t sleep a wink all night. It was kind of scary though so I scrambled up a tree, 30+ feet up feels kind of safe. She came back about 6.30am to let me out but of course I wasn’t there. I heard her shouting me so I tried to get down. Some crows came and cawed hysterically at me. Stupid birds. She came to see what the crows were fussing about. I looked down from my perch 30 foot up and looked down at her. There was only two sets of side branches all the way down. She looked tiny. I miaowed and she saw me but walked away. No help from her then. I heard her shouting from the shed. By the time she had come back I was trying to get down the next 11ft or so to the next perch. There were no side branches so I was hanging onto the bark sort of abseiling my way round and down but without the rope. It hurt but I got there. My leg hurt pretty bad so I decided to stay there. The servant still wanted me to come down and eventually she put some food at the bottom of the tree for me. I was more bothered about my leg. I made myself comfortable and waited. The man I don’t like and who doesn’t like me came then. By this time the servant had a ladder and was putting the food up to my perch. I hissed and growled at the muppet. It was my leg that hurt. I tried to drag myself away. The servant and the man went away. They came back with my box. The servant climbed up the ladder and held up the box to my perch. It was swaying a bit but I like my box, it is a safe place so I got in. It did a bit of a nose dive, my tail was sticking out and then the man was holding the box and lowering it gently to the ground. We came home, the servant talked about vets but I am going absolutely nowhere until I have had a kip zzzzzzzzzzz

Gus – Happy Dog

I have just been messing around trying to figure the difference between scanning a painting and taking a photo of it.  Like to guess which is which below?

Picture A


Picture B

Interestingly google says that generally photographing gives a better resolution than scanning. The fault must lie in my skill as a photographer!